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News > Gluten-free diet gaining supporters WFLA

posted by: Kristina Lima on Jul 16, 2015

“Word got out and then next thing we knew we were getting phone calls and a lot of people they were coming in asking for it,” said owner of South Tampa’s Gourmet Pizza Company Kristina Lima who sells gluten-free pizza. “I don’t have the heaviness that you feel after you eat a lot of breads, a lot of wheat. There’s no bloating. I feel like I have more energy,” said Lima who also began a gluten-free diet.

There are plenty of those who don’t believe in the diet, saying the diet is a fad or “If you don’t have the allergy, don’t do the diet,” said Lima. But Rollin’ Oats Certified Nutritional Consultant Colin Gow claims there is a need for many to be on the diet.

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