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News > MetroMix Reveiw & Article - March 2010

posted by: Kristina Lima on Nov 10, 2010

The grub:
GPC doesn’t disappoint – with house specialties like Chicken Smoked Gouda and Thai Chicken pizza.  They also offer an eye crossing list of toppings: 24 veggie, 11 meat, 7 sauce and 9 cheese options to choose from.  Want a pie topped with crushed peanuts, escargot, guava marmalade syrup and manchego cheese?  Can’t say how tasty that would be; but they’re there if you want ‘em.
Most notably, GPC is now offering a gluten-free/vegan crust.  After a long time patron developed wheat allergies, the owners decided to do a little research to see what they could offer.  The result?  A partnership with Viitals bakery, located in Seminole Heights.  They also try their hardest to ensure that there’s no cross contamination which is greatly appreciated by those who can no longer partake of wheat.

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